A German woman was recently stabbed to death with a katana in Munich, Germany. The German press has seen fit to blame the murder on Final Fantasy, since the alleged killer has photos in which he cosplays, "his favorite Final Fantasy character."

Kotaku has reported on the murder and the blame being pinned on Final Fantasy. The only problem is that the character in question resembles Neku from The World Ends With You, rather than any katana-wielding Final Fantasy character.

Marco F., the alleged killer, was thought to have stabbed Katrin M. a total of 18 times with a katana. The cosplay photos, coupled with Marco's Final Fantasy XIV profile, has led the German media to believe that the blame can be pinned on video games, though none of the two aforementioned games have any gratuitous violence in them.

It should also be noted that he seldom logged into Final Fantasy XIV, so any arguments about his act of violence and the game being a motivator would be pretty shaky.