Square Enix is bringing more Final Fantasy content to the App Store, this time in the form of an airship-centric social RPG. What can we expect from this new game, besides a surprisingly normal-sounding title?

The developer/publisher lovingly known as Squeenix is releasing their new mobile RPG soon in the U.S. Airborne Brigade has already enjoyed lots of playtime in Japan since its debut in January, but it's finally coming to our shores as the first English free-to-play social game from the company.

Players will get their own airship (just about every Final Fantasy fan's wish, besides saving Aeris from her cruel fate), and can join up with others to form a mighty brigade. You'll battle together against the familiar, yet ever-changing faces of Shiva, Ifrit, and other series staples. The game will also feature some cross-platform PvP for players who just can't stand to play nice with others. The rationale behind this is probably, "I have an airship. I need to destroy someone with it, dammit."

If you'd like to sign up for the game early, head to the official website to enter your e-mail and device of choice. Those who register in advance will get an exclusive character card to use when the game goes live. Take a gander at some of the screens below and scan the skies for signs of the game's arrival!

Actually, don't do the latter. Just keep checking back with Arcade Sushi for more tasty updates!