The house of Squall has announced that the PC and Steam versions of Final Fantasy VIII have been updated with new, exclusive features.

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy VIII is getting some upgrades for its supplemental Game Booster. Whether it be on Steam or the version of the game you download straight from Square Enix's website, Final Fantasy VIII on PC will be getting various cheats and bonuses that will help expand on its gameplay.

The optional Game Booster of FFVIII will offer a high speed mode, which will speed up cutscenes, movies and battles up to five times normal speed. The famous 9999 maximum damage limit has been removed using the Game Booster as well. There has also been cheats such as magic and Gil boosters, which will give you the maximum limits of drawn spells and money. Whether or not you decide to use these cheat-like Game Boosters, Final Fantasy VIII remains as unforgettable as it ever was.