The sequel to one of our first and favorite RPGs of the 16-bit generation, Final Fantasy IV, is heading to Steam next month in a 3D remake.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years was originally launched as a mobile game in Japan in 2008, with WiiWare bringing the 2D original version of it over to North America back in 2009. It was even bundled in the FFIV anthology on the PSP. Two years ago, The After Years was remade for the iOS format based on the Nintendo DS' 2007 3D-esque version of FFIV.

From personal experience with my review of the iOS version of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, I should note that I felt that its story was very underwhelming and was just lackluster way to encounter the old team in an episodic manner and visit the same places they did. You're even inexplicably forced to fight a majority of the same boss fights that they did as well. Speaking of fights, the random battle encounter ratio was extremely frustrating to the point where I couldn't walk five steps without getting into another fight — I really hope the PC version of the game fixes this and a lot of the other major issues I had with the game. Adding a new cinematic intro to the game won't be enough.

The 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years will launch on Steam starting May 12. Pre-ordering it now will give you 10 percent off its $14.99 price tag.