Whether you're looking at the giant Eidolons, ferocious Coeurls or those adorable Chocobos, Final Fantasy XV is filled with all sorts of wondrous wildlife. Just don't get too close or you'll need a Phoenix Down.

Square Enix UK posted a video called World of Wonder Vol. 1 - Wildlife & Ecology of Final Fantasy XV, Destructoid reports. This video is a Discovery Channel-like look at the varying kinds of animals you'll see in the wild throughout FFXV. These creatures range from the docile to the aggressive, and come in all sorts of sizes. We're glad to see imps are making a return and that they look like the evil gnomes we remember from the earlier entries of the series. Since this is Vol. 1, we're really hoping Vol. 2 will feature Tonberries and Cactuars.

We have learned that Final Fantasy XV's Demo will be roughly an hour long in gameplay, and can take up to three hours if you're the kind of person to explore every area the game has to offer. Remember that Behemoth from the video? He'll be in there as a boss. Just know that nothing will carry over to the final version of FFXV from the demo, except some kind of Achievement or Trophy to earn.

Anyone who would like to play the demo for Final Fantasy XV will have to buy a copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which debuts on March 17 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There is no other way to gain access to the demo other than Type-0 HD. Unfortunately, Square Enix has yet to announce any kind of launch window for Final Fantasy XV, but we have a feeling North America and Europe won't be seeing it until 2016.

You're going to need a bigger sword:

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