Could Final Fantasy XV be getting its own BioWare-esque multiplayer mode, or could this be an online spin-off based on the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology?

Gematsu reports that the Japanese website, JPost, recently posted a new job listing from Square Enix, which is looking for someone with a previous history in PC games that utilize regular (possibly subscription-based) fees. This project is for a "Final Fantasy XV-related new online game." Just let that sink in for minute.

As we all know, Final Fantasy XV intends to be a single-player adventure, so what could this job listing mean? If this online game requires its own fees or subscriptions, then it can't simply be a multiplayer aspect to Final Fantasy XV. Titles like Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect 3 and even Dead Space 3 all shoehorned multiplayer aspects to seemingly solo experiences, but nothing grand enough to warrant subscriptions or fees.

The only other possibility is that this is a spin-off of some type that is set in the same universe as FFXV, or that listing had a typo and they meant Final Fantasy XIV instead. It also could be some sort of tie-in mobile game that will have a price tag attached to it. Nevertheless, stay tuned as we'll provide more coverage on this strange project once more information is available.

While no release date is in sight for Final Fantasy XV's North American debut, we can expect it to launch for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Who knows what this job listing will summon: