The director of Final Fantasy XV claims his team has only completed 60 percent of the game's development, but things are going to pick up once its anticipated demo is released next month.

According to Kotaku, Final Fantasy XV's director, Hajime Tabata recently told onlookers at a Japanese Square Enix event that the project is roughly 60 percent finished. For the sake of comparison, Tabata told Kotaku that the project was 55 percent completed back in Sept. 2014. It is likely that overall development on the game has slowed down a bit for the sake of polishing up the demo for its release next month. FFXV has been in development since 2006, back when it was originally known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Six years later, the project was scrapped. We then found out that Versus XIII was rebuilt with a brand new engine and was officially rebranded as Final Fantasy XV. Tabata claims it shouldn't take long to reach the 80 percent completion mark, with the final 20-ish percent consisting of fine tuning; we'll soon be approaching the home stretch of FFXV's release sooner than we think.

Final Fantasy XV's demo, Episode Duscae, will launch on March 17 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You'll only be able to gain access to the demo if you're an owner of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which also debuts on March 17. While we don't have a launch window set for FFXV yet, we guestimate that we won't see its Western debut until 2016. As long as Tabata and his team make it perfect, we're willing to wait.

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