Japanese and English dialogue options and all sorts of juicy deets have been revealed for the Episode Duscae demo of Final Fantasy XV coming out next month.

According to Eurogamer, some new info has been revealed about the upcoming demo of Final Fantasy XV, Episode Duscae. Packaged with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (which is going to be the only way you can try the demo), Episode Duscae will be available to play from day one of Type-0 HD's release. The initial run of Type-0 HD's physical release will include download codes for the demo (the codes will only be redeemable until March 20, 2016), whereas Episode Duscae will automatically come bundled with digital versions of the game for a limited time. Those who own the demo will have unlimited access to it and have the ability to play it indefinitely. Square Enix has been rather adamant on keeping Episode Duscae packaged with Type-0 HD, claiming it will never release the demo separately. On the bright side, we'll have the option to switch back and forth between the demo's English and Japanese voice acting.

The demo for FFXV, Episode Duscae, will only be available for those who bought Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which launches on March 17 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There is yet to be a launch window revealed for FFXV's Western debut, but we have a feeling we might not see it until 2016. Nevertheless, we have the PSP-gone-HD goodness of Type-0 to hold us over through 2015.

We can't wait to see those Eidolons:

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