The action RPG that was announced back in 2006 is finally going to have a playable build coming out six months from now. Supposedly.

A new report indicates Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will include a playable demo for Final Fantasy XV when it launches next March. Game Informer originally covered the story of the Final Fantasy XV demo coming with Type-0 HD, but it was pulled offline. Forum members at NeoGAF captured the original Game Informer post and reposted it. A code voucher for the FFXV demo will be included with Final Fantasy Typo-0 HD. The demo, called Episode Duscae, is going to feature the game's early areas.

Square Enix refused to comment on whether or not the demo will be made available on day one of Type-0 HD's launch, but it did say that it would come to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. FFXV was originally announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII in 2006, and has gone through some big changes throughout the years. It is likely we'll never see XV until late 2016, meaning that the game will have taken over a decade for Square Enix to develop. Originally billed as a sequel to XIII, all of these game share the Fabulla Nova Crystallis mythology.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD launches on March 17, 2015 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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