Square Enix has released new videos for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, showcasing its new Job actions and dungeons.

The first of these new videos highlights the new Job actions for Final Fantasy XIV's next expansion. We get a special look at all the changes to the classes, including the new moves everyone is getting. We're particularly excited about the new Machinist class, which looks ridiculously fun. As you would expect, the Dark Knight and Dragoon classes were two of the most impressive-looking in terms of changes.

One of these videos is a 7-minute-long dungeon crawl, where we get to see a bunch of the new dungeons being added to the game. We're loving the snowy, cold and magical looks these places have — they're reminiscent of the Wrath of the Lich King content for World of Warcraft. Another location is a cathedral with creepy organ music appropriately accompanying it. We then see a floating island, paying tribute to the likes of Final Fantasy VI. This dungeon looks magnificent, featuring massive, outdoor areas and caves with plenty of long pitfalls. A new library dungeon is filled with books (and baddies). One of these stages is a futuristic dungeon with all kinds of bright lights and compurized background pieces that would impress Tron fans everywhere. Lastly, we get a look at the various monsters, bosses and Eidolons being featured in Heavensward's new dungeons.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward will launch on June 23 for all versions of A Realm Reborn. As a bonus, here is "Dragonsong," Nobuo Uematsu's main theme song for Heavensward: