If you've always thought the only thing that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was missing was the ability to marry, then you're in luck.

Square Enix has announced that it will now have marriages in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and that not only will there be marriages, but that there will be marriages for everyone. No matter what your gender or species, if you're level 50 and want to get married, then you can hop right on down that aisle. However, if you thought the ceremony was just going to be a two second ordeal, you are dead wrong.

There will be three different ceremonies you can choose from as well as three different plans within those three ceremonies. The three different ceremonies are as follows: "The Lover's Kiss, a ceremony held in a light-hearted fashion; The Spinner's Hand, a more traditional ceremony; and The Solemn Oath, an undenominational ceremony." The officient for your ceremony will depend on the type of ceremony you choose. The Lover's Kiss offers Choir Moogle, The Spinner's Hand offers Officiant of the Graces, and The Solemn Oath offers Officiant of the Vows.

The three plans are Standard, Gold or Platinum and come with different options within the ceremonies. The Standard Plan is free, the Gold Plan is $20 ($10 per person) and the Platinum Plan is $40 ($20 per person). Players can view the complete breakdown for what each plan specifically offers, but the real difference between the Standard Plan and the Gold and Platinum Plans are that the Gold and Platinum Plans offer more color options. In the latter two, you can choose between different colors for your ceremony rug and flowers as well as different color options for your dye-able dress. The Standard Plan only has one option for both of these things. Also in the Gold and Platinum Plans you will get special gifts to give your guests as well as a ceremonial Chocobo. Finally, you will get more songs to choose from for your ceremony in the latter two plans.

So, get your friends (you can invite up to 80) together and sign up now for your wedding on Final Fantasy XIV.

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