Alright, you maggots! Stand at attention and feast your eyes on today's Cosplay of the Day, featuring a female version of Team Fortress 2's RED Solider!

The young lady wearing this amazing, grenade-covered outfit is known as Xing Cai, from the Buffalo, NY area. She based her outfit on a piece of fan art by UK artist, Agent Scarlet. She's done a fine job of portraying a female version of the gruff, kill-happy Soldier from the RED Team. Xing Cai's outfit exudes sexiness without sacrificing any of the character's toughness.

And in keeping with the Team Fortress 2 spirit of accruing and showing off unique hats, Xing Cai has opted for a snazzy general's hat instead of the default helmet. Very stylish. We're not so sure about how functional heels are in the battlefield, but Xing Cai's looks, as well as that bazooka, are sure to blow any enemies from the BLU Team away!

Check out the rest of her work on deviantART and watch out for this bombshell, just in case she's still fragging dudes in Team Fortress 2!

Phuc Nguyen/Sensual Expressions