A new short film starring the RED Team from Team Fortress 2 has been released, along with news of a new "Love and War" update that will add new expressions and taunts.

The 'Expiration Date' short film runs for a relatively long 15 minutes and features the story of the RED Team making a discovery concerning the use of the Engineer's Teleporters. Using a loaf of bread, the Engineer and Medic have found that anything that passes through the Teleporters grow tumors and, after a few calculations, the Medic figures out that everyone has only three days left to live.

With the news of their impending deaths hitting hard, everyone starts to decide what they want to do during their remaining days of life and what to cross off their bucket lists. The Soldier, being the single-minded warrior that he is, simply wants the actual bucket that they use to hold cards with their last wishes. The Scout, however, has different plans and would like a date with the Administrator's assistant, Miss Pauling. The only problem is that he's no lady's man, so he employs the help of the Spy to become a ladykiller.

What ensues is a training montage in which the Spy tries to mold the Scout into a more debonair version of himself. You'll have to watch the rest of the video to see the outcome of the training and what happens when the countdown clock reaches its end, but in typical Team Fortress 2 fashion, the results are hilarious.

The Love and War update will be heading to us soon, featuring all-new taunts to help you really show your opponents how you feel. Some of these include the Conga, the Square Dance, the Skull Cracker, the Flip and even a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. With the update comes a handful of new achievements for you to collect as well. Check out more of the update here.

Watch the short film above and look out for the Love and War update when it goes live!