21-year-old gaming journalist Alanah Pearce has responded to the Internet trolls' threats of sexual and physical violence directed at her by forwarding their messages and reporting them to their mothers.

The story below contains language that is NSFW

The Guardian reports that Alanah Pearce has recently been getting a lot of sexually explicit threats and disparaging remarks on social media. Pearce, an Australian communication student and video game journalist, has taken the fight to her slanderers and disgusting naysayers in an awesome way: by reporting them to their mothers.

“A while ago, I realized that a lot of the people who send disgusting or overly sexual comments to me over the internet aren't adult males,” Pearce said. "It turns out that mostly they’re young boys and the problem is they don’t know any better, so responding to them rationally didn’t resolve the situation. And it got to the point where their comments were starting to make me feel really uncomfortable.”

Since a lot of these horrible remarks were made to Pearce through Facebook, she was able to find out who their family members were online. This was what happened when she messaged the mother of one of the trolls:

“It was just a way to try to reach a resolution, to productively teach young boys it’s not okay to be sexist to women, even if they’re on the internet,” Pearce added. “that they are real people and that there should be actual consequences for that.”

We here at Arcade Sushi applaud Ms. Pearce for fighting back at these sexist delinquents. Alanah Pearce is a gaming journalist, but more importantly, a gamer, which both mean that she is one of us. Regardless on your thoughts or opinions on Gamergate, no one should ever receive such horrific and sexist comments.

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