Another innocent person has been the target of a multiple computer crimes and death threats after vocalizing her opinions about feminism in the gaming industry.

The following news report contains language that is NSFW.

Brianna Wu, the lead developer of Giant Spacekat (known for its recent game, Revolution 60), has received death threats, had her personal information revealed publicly and had her accounts hacked in response to a meme she posted on her TwitterDestructoid reports. We understand how a person would react negatively, considering that meme's base picture is reportedly of an autistic child taken from Autism Speaks, which Wu (and thousands of others who use the meme) may not realize.

After retweeting some memes about GamerGate made by some of her fans, Wu received various types of backlash, ranging from being sexually explicit, illegally exposing her personal information to death threats.

One of the comments making claims on Wu's life mentioned her husband's name and had her home address listed. Wu responded back by filing a police report and moving to a safe location. Brianna Wu also mentioned that Giant Spacekat's financial accounts have been hacked.

Wu is now working with the FBI in order to find the cowards who are making these threats. She still plans to attend NYCC today to speak out on female geekdom.

We here at Arcade Sushi are advocates of women's rights in the gaming industry and wish Brianna Wu our best. Everyone has the right to vocalize their opinions and just because someone may not agree with them doesn't mean they have the authority to wrongfully exploit and attack someone. We really wish these hackers would spend their time focusing on taking down ISIS websites or hacking the Westboro Baptist Church's page instead of trying to reinforce misogyny in a male-dominated industry.

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