If you are a king, you get to have a dragon as a pet. But really, what was the king thinking? Dragons eat everything. And they are hungry all the time! That's where you come in, dear gamer. In Feed That Dragon, your orders from the king are clear. It's the title of the game! Feed That Dragon is today's Free App of the Day!

But don't worry too much. You won't get singed by this big, bad lizard. Feeding him is where the fun happens in this charming little physics puzzler. You just have to make sure all that food is bouncing in the right direction -- towards his big, dragon mouth. Can you get three stars on each level?

Don't disappoint the king. It's probably not the best idea to tick off any kind of royalty that has a dragon for a pet to begin with. So you better play it safe and download Feed That Dragon today for your iPhone & iPad!