It's been almost three years since Phantasy Star Online 2 launched for PC in Japan, and a group of fans have decided they're no longer waiting for Sega to bring it to the West.

According to Kotaku, a group of hardcore Phantasy Star Online 2 fans are creating a private, English-speaking server in the MMO since Sega is taking so long at giving the game an official Western release. A player named Cyberkitsune and his friends have tried to keep US players in Phantasy Star Online 2, but a massive DDoS attack last year caused Sega to close the game off from foreign accounts. Cyberkitsune and his team are now working on Polaris, a private server project for the game that will cater to English-speaking players based outside of Japan. The five-man team already has a private server set and running, but it's still in the early stages -- you can only make a character, run around and chat (in English) so far. Obviously, Cyberkitsune and most Phantasy Star fans outside Asia would like Sega to allow this private server project to continue.

Sega sent Kotaku the following response to inquiries about the Polaris project and Phantasy Star Online 2's Western release:

"We don't have a comment on PSO2 in general beyond what we've already said before - that the game is delayed and that we'll update the public when we have any news."

This statement sounds a lot like what Sega said about the game four months ago:

With the same type of response, it would seem that Sega hasn't made much progress in bringing PSO2 overseas.