Any avid Pokemon fan or follower of internet memes knows about the Pokemon Fusion Generator. This simple webpage uses a script to mash up the faces and bodies of different Pokemon in order to create what look like abominations that should never have been born. However, these fusions caught on with the hordes of Pokefans on the internet and thus a whole community surrounding Pokefusions sprang up. The community has fan art, fan statistics, fan stories, and more, but their greatest creation is Pokemon Fusion Generation, a fully playable Pokemon game that lets you take control of the Pokecrimes against God and nature.

Pokemon Fusion Generation takes place after the events of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Brendan and May, after becoming Pokemon Masters of the Koenn region, travel to the Kanto region of the original games looking for a new challenge. There, they meet our old friend Bill, who is continuing his experiments with Pokemon. He has managed to figure out a way to fuse two Pokemon into one and has used this process to create Pikavee, a Pikachu and Evee fusion which may be the cutest thing that has ever been put in any video game ever.

PFG starts like any other Pokemon adventure. You kick off your journey in the beginning town, get a starter Pokemon, and venture out into the tall grass in order to catch come fighting animals for fun and profit. But that’s where things start to take a turn for the dark. When Bill introduces Pokemon Fusion into the mix, the populace of the Kanto region end up having a split opinion about the process. Young trainers think it’s the coolest thing ever, allowing you to have your own designer Pokemon gene modded to your specific tastes. Older trainers think it’s despicable and that it’s tinkering with things that no one should be playing with. Normal trainers start using fused Pokemon, followed by gym leaders, followed by criminals, and soon fused Pokemon are everywhere.

The Pokemon Fusion mechanic in PFG is pretty cool. Bill has a fusion machine that lets you combine two Pokemon together into a fused form. These fused Pokemon then go into your Fusiondex, which has completely different entries for your fused creations. Fused Pokemon can level up and gain abilities as normal, but other than 5 Eevee fusions none of them can evolve. Fused Pokemon are a combination of types, stats, potentials, and so forth of the two Pokemon that went into fusing them. In fact, Fused Pokemon have much larger and more diverse move-lists because they can learn techniques that both fused Pokemon would be able to learn.

But if that were the all the game had to offer you would simply go around fusing every Pokemon you caught right? Pokemon Fusion Generation mixes up this mechanic a bit with NPCs that want to trade for specific fused Pokemon. They then trade you fused Pokemon back, usually made up of two Pokemon that aren’t available anywhere else in the game. You can then de-fuse those Pokemon at Bills in order to get their component parts. You will have to do this multiple times over the course of the game in order to fill out your Pokedex.

Pokemon Fusion Generation was released in 2012, but the game continues to be updated regularly, with the last update including new sprites and new fusion mechanics hitting as recent as last week. You can download the game via the official Pokemon Fusion Generation Wiki. Also, keep your eyes out for Pokemon Fusion Generation II which is currently in development.