Were you a fan of Mass Effect 3 but could do without the shooter style gameplay? Were you disappointed by ME3’s color coded endings? Well fan programmer Nightfable has the game for you. Her project Finding Shepard continues the story of Mass Effect 3 after the destruction ending in a unique way: as a point-and-click adventure game.

The story focuses on Jack who just cannot accept that Commander Shepard is dead. After mouthing off (and punching) Admiral Hackett, her amplifiers were taken away, leaving her with nothing more than her foul mouth and her intuition. The game starts with her under house arrest. She must find her way out of her own highrise building and make her way to the Citadel in order to rescue Commander Shepard.

Finding Shepard is built to play like an old-school Sierra style point-and-click adventure, complete with pixelated graphics and color coded speech text. Abilities, items, and weapons from the Mass Effect series are set to be included, but would be nothing more than items in your inventory. In addition, several characters from the Mass Effect franchise are slated to make an appearance, including Miranda, Wrex and Kasumi. As you can tell, Finding Shepard also features original sprite art and animations.


In late 2013, the Nightfable announced that a demo was in development. Unfortunately, not much word has come out of the project since then. Still, fans of the Mass Effect franchise have been attempting to contact Nightfable about the project’s progress since early last year. Rumor has it that she has received a cease and desist order from EA or Bioware, though this hasn’t yet been confirmed. For more information on the project, check out the official thread over at the Adventure Game Studio forums, and be sure to drop Nightfable a few lines of encouragement if you still want to see a playable demo go public.