Anyone who has studied Nintendo history knows that Donkey Kong was deeply inspired by King Kong. But what if Nintendo wasn’t inspired by the classic story of a giant rampaging ape? What if they were inspired by other classic movies? What if, instead of an Italian plumber, we controlled Mark Hamill or Arnold Schwarzenegger in these classic 2D platforming levels?  Bruno R. Marcos’s newest game, Donkey Me, is here to answer that question.

Donkey Me takes the original arcade classic Donkey Kong and adapts it to other great classic movies. For example, you can play as Han Solo attempting to rescue Chewie. How romantic! In addition to Star Wars stages for both Han and Luke, you will also find stages themed around Aliens, Conan the Barbarian, Flash Gordon, Indiana Jones, Total Recall, and even Big Trouble in Little China.

Each stage has their own unique redone 8-bit graphics as well as a retro 8-bit soundtrack themed after the movie you have chosen. You gotta love that 8-bit Cantina theme. Each stage is also slightly remixed from the original Donkey Kong as well with new hazards and layouts to deal with. Each Hero also has their own specific power-ups to grab instead of Mario’s classic hammer. There’s something really enjoyable about swinging around a sword as Conan. Unfortunately, every level is based off the first stage of Donkey Kong with stages 2 and 3 not being represented at all, but there is always a chance for more levels to be released in the future.

You can currently download Donkey Me via Bruno R. Marcos’s official website. The game is available as freeware for PC and Linux platforms currently. Marcos also promises that an Ouya version will be coming out soon. For more information on Donkey Me, head on over to and be sure to watch the official promotional video below.