Fan made games hold incredible potential. Games like Super Meat Boy, No Time to Explain, and VVVVVV started their lives as simple flash games on Newgrounds and grew to be full-fledged releases. Meanwhile, games like Street Fighter X Megaman started as simple fan projects and eventually get picked up by big publishers like Capcom. On today’s Fan Game Showcase, we take a look at yet another Mega Man based fan project: Mega Man 2.5D. Great! Another thing to hold Mega Man fans over until Mighty No. 9 comes out.

Developed by Peter Sjöstrand, Mega Man 2.5D combines two of the best Mega Man games in existence, Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3. Not only is the game redone with 2.5D graphics, meaning that the stages are fully polygonal and have real depth to them, but the game has a brand new co-op mode to feature. In the co-op mode, one player takes control of Mega Man and another player takes control of Proto Man. They must work together in order to solve co-op platforming puzzles and get to the end boss.

Sjöstrand has recently released a beta of Mega Man 2.5D which includes one stage, the Shadow Man stage. The stage is available only in co-op mode, but the game will have a fully fleshed out single-player mode as well. Mega Man 2.5D will also feature online co-op play, though the current version only features local co-op. The game also may feature some stages from outside Mega Man 2 and 3. In addition to Snake Man’s stage and Quick Man’s stage, Sjöstrand is considering adding Cut Man’s stage from Mega Man 1 in both single and co-op formats.

Mega Man 2.5D’s Beta is currently out for the PC. The final version of the game will come out for both PC and Mac. To check the game out, head on over to its official site and give the beta a download. Sjöstrand is offering the game for free both in beta and in the finished version, so the best thing that you can give him is your support.