The landscape of Quahog, Rhode Island has changed now that Peter Griffin has gotten his own mobile game and, presumably, Taco Bell.

TinyCo will be releasing a 'Family Guy' mobile game for both Android and iOS in less than a week, and its teaser trailer hints at what we know: that we don't have a clue about how it will play and that it'll attain Family Guy's trademark and comical sense of wit. TinyCo has previously said that its side quests will pan out like episodes of the show and is planning to have a plethora of content ready at launch along with regular content updates in its ongoing future. Hopefully, TinyCo will be able to deliver an experience worthy of all the laughs and randomness we have come to associate with 'Family Guy.'

Will we finally see an in-game rematch between Peter and the guy in the chicken suit? Hopefully we will find out when Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff comes out for iOS and Android on April 10.

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