It seems like the long awaited reveal of the rumored Facebook Phone may be closer than we think. In a few days we'll find out what might be the future of Facebook.

Facebook has been gathering companies steadily for the past few years. They've been gobbling up apps and tech developers at a rapid pace. But what could it be for? Well, the internet rumor-mill has been at full tilt for a long while about a Facebook phone. What make will it be? What will it feature? Will it have that fiddly Facebook button so you can embarrass your friends in record time?!

Well, Facebook has been very tight lipped about the whole situation. But we can confirm through multiple sources that they have been in partnership with HTC since 2011. So, it would be safe to assume that any Facebook Phone would be sporting some HTC hardware. Also, since it was mentioned in the release, the phone would also be running on the Android platform. It remains to be seen whether it will be a simple skin of the android platform or a complete reworking with Facebook integration throughout the phone's OS.

All we know for sure is that April 4th 2013 will more than likely ring in a new competitor to the already bustling phone market. Would you buy a Facebook Phone?