Fable creator Peter Molyneux may over-hype and over-promise what his games can do, but there's no denying that there's plenty of impressive stuff to his RPG series. Likewise, the Elder scrolls series has offered nigh-unparalleled freedom for gamers to do what they want, when they want, and how they want. Given that these two RPG series are about as open-ended as it comes, it only makes sense that we force them into a duel for the title of supreme western RPG.

Best Flow of Combat: Fable (series)Fable


Most Monstrous Foes: The Elder Scrolls. Slaying dragons never gets oldThe Elder Scrolls


Coolest Magic: Fable. Sure, it can get a little broken at times, but Fable's magic system has a lot of awesome spells for players to master.Fable 2


Most Customizable Character Progression: The Elder Scrolls. Want to be a summoner/archer/shield-bashing thief? TES has got you covered.Skyrim


Richest Writing: Fable. The characters have a lot of, well, character to them, and the NPCs can react many different ways depending on how good/magical/powerful/evil you (and your dog), are.Fable


Most Bang For Your Buck: The Elder Scrolls by a mile. It's common for gamers to sink 80-100 hours in an Elder Scrolls game in a single run through. It's hard to top that kind of gaming mileage.The Elder Scrolls


Winner: The Elder Scrolls series

Fable's got a lot of coolness to it, as does its sequels, but the games never live up to their hype, and frequently have some glaring flaws to them. The Elder Scrolls series, on the other hand, has only gotten better with time, with Skyrim being one of those titles that gamers of every creed simply must make themselves familiar with. Though these two RPG series have a lot going for them, in the end, The Elder Scrolls Fus-Ro-Dahed its way into first place.