With the advent of the Super Nintendo, gamers everywhere saw a boom of turn-based RPGS. Later systems, such as the Playstation, also enjoyed a similarly large library of quality dungeon-delving, boss-slaying, experience gaining games. Breath of Fire and Wild ARMS are two of the biggest franchises to be born from this era. The Wild Arms series added a healthy mix of puzzles and item usage a la Legend of Zelda, while the Breath of Fire series leaned towards crazy characters and flashy combat. The question is, then, which of these two RPG franchises stands head, shoulders, and arms above the other?

Wild Arms

Best Game: Wild Arms


Biggest embarrassment: Having to listen to gossip about, then search for, towns and dungeons, which may sound cool in theory, but was tedious in execution.


Coolest feature: Progressive character upgrades and customization in an era that didn’t generally allow for that. Also, being able to fight while riding on horse-back.


Breath of Fire

Best Game: Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter


Biggest Embarrassment: Peco


Coolest Feature: Being able to transform into a dragon. ‘Nuff said.


Winner: Breath of Fire

This was a close battle -- closer than many of the previous Versus matches -- but in the end, Breath of Fire seemed to be the winner. Wild Arms has had some great entries in its series, with a few truly exceptional titles standing out above the rest, but overall the Breath of Fire series is one that people seem to be more interested in coming back to time and time again.