Curious how this year's Extra Life charity has been doing? The organization posted a new update on how the fundraising event has performed, and anyone involved with the initiative should be damn proud: Extra Life has raiser over $5.5 million for the kids, and that number continues to grow.

The official Extra Life 2014 gaming marathon took place last Saturday, and at the end of the official marathon the number was around $5.1 million raised. That means in the three days since, players have contributed $400,000 more to the cause. Normally one would think donations die down after the official event takes place, but Extra Life seems to have some incredible momentum. Donations are being accepted until Dec. 31, so we expect that number to keep growing.

Seeing that number warms our hearts. The fact that so many lovers of games can come together and raise a significant amount of money for a group of children's hospitals is simply wonderful. Some folks couldn't participate on the official day and still plan to marathon on a different day, so perhaps that number could eclipse the $7.5 million mark before we hit the year 2015. If you want to contribute to a great cause, pick a page to donate to or start one yourself and tell your friends. Do it for the kids.