The planned dig-out of a landfill containing millions of copies of one of the worst games ever made has just hit some serious roadblocks.

The Alamogordo News has reported that the Environment Department of New Mexico has put its foot down in regards to Fuel Entertainment and LightBox Interactive's intentions on excavating landfills in Alamogordo, New Mexico. The Environment Department has said there needs to be more concise details provided in order to revise the planned dig for one of the worst video games ever made. The State has told Fuel Entertainment and LightBox Interactive that they cannot dig at any of the suspected landfill sites until they have refined their waste excavation plan tremendously. Yes, digging for this alleged bundle of millions of Atari games in the deserts of New Mexico is considered waste excavation, mainly due to previous studies of the area surrounding the landfill.

"No one is allowed to dig until the WEP is approved by the [Solid Waste and Ground Water Bureau]," Jim Winchester, a spokesman for the New Mexico Environment Department said. "A WEP must be approved in advance of any excavation and that includes even the city of Alamogordo."

Winchester states that both companies have been notified of the multiple items that need to be addressed before the Bureau of Solid Waste and Ground Water would approve of the excavation. The landfill site is located near White Sands Boulevard and First Street in Alamogordo, New Mexico. The site allegedly houses millions of Atari cartridges for the 'E.T. The Extraterrestrial' game based on the hit film.

Catherine Pasciak, a producer for Lightbox, has stated that the company was planning on filming and documenting the excavation and have already started filming interviews earlier this year. Unfortunately, a biological study of the landfill nearly a decade ago says that over "22 compounds of concern" have been found at the landfill sight and these compounds could be potentially hazardous, especially if they were unearthed in a rapid manner. Hopefully everyone can get the proper paperwork in order, and the unearthing of one of gaming's most nefarious legends can be capture for the world to see.