This E3 2014 trailer for Evolve proves to be quite the monster from the original team behind Left 4 Dead.

Turtle Rock's E3 trailer for Evolve showcases what it's like to play as either an assault, trapper, medic or support class, along with the ability to play a behemoth monster. Watch as you and your three live, companion hunters get stalked by an apex predator, with another person online playing as the beast. The trapper class is able to stalk and follow the main beast your team is hunting and will try to keep the beast contained so it doesn't escape once your party engages it. The assault character will mainly focus on damage dealt to the beast. Medic classes will heal party members while sniping from afar. Meanwhile, the support character will help with ammo, tanking, and offering shields to other party members.

Evolve will be coming out later this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.