If there's any game that truly baffled everyone who gave it a try, it was QWOP. Now we get to watch as people of a more refined age try it, and it's pretty hilarious.

To be completely honest, QWOP was hard for the best of us, but when the React Channel has people playing it who don't even know where the keys are on the keyboard, it gets a little more interesting.

The thing that the people playing don't seem to understand is that there is no right or wrong to this game -- you don't actually have to make him look like he's running as long as he's actually going somewhere. One thing they did do, however, was get better. Although some of them started out with negative distances, they ended up with a high of 7.9 meters (which is honestly more than I can do). My personal favorite "Elder" was the guy with the leather vest and super fantastic reactions at his ability to get anywhere in the game.

You can watch the video above and experience the frustration of QWOP for yourself now on PC.