Gamers are always looking to game, no matter where they are. If you're bored at work, you're usually hunting for something to play online. There are a ton of Flash games everywhere, but you usually have to visit multiple sites if you want to find something you're interested in. But a new website is trying to change that. is a new Pintrest type of site that has every Flash game available in one location. Sign up via Facebook (the easiest way), or create an account and choose the kind of games you like. You can then follow other members and get their game recommendations. You don't have to register, but the games wouldn't load for me unless I did. Maybe it's a browser thing.

The site has tabs like Retro, Shooter, Puzzle, etc. that compiles the kinds of games you're interested in into one section. Since I'm a retro nut, that's the first tab I clicked. They have a pretty good selection. Play anything from Q*bert to Tetris to Street Fighter II. Obviously the code won't be exactly like the arcade because they're Flash games, but it's close enough.

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell seems to dig it. "I love seeing this homage to Pong incorporated into present-day gaming. is a fun and exciting breakthrough that I believe will revolutionize the online flash-gaming world." Well Nolan, if anything, we won't have to at least jump around to a bunch of different sites looking for games to play.

The goal is to share your gaming likes with other users, find new games to play, and see what the latest games are on Flash. You don't have to pay anything. You can just jump right in, pick a game and play it.

Take a look at and give us your thoughts on this new website.