Surprisingly, older folks don't feel as bad about Sarah dying in The Last of Us as most of us did (spoilers: The Last of Us stars Joel and Ellie, not Joel and Sarah).

The awesome team at REACT is back, but instead of teens gawking at nostalgic items from the '80s and '90s, we have a bunch of older people reacting to the introductory sequences of The Last of Us. It's quite interesting seeing how naturally adaptive these people are to the game, despite them being unaccustomed to playing to video games. Most of them didn't realize at first they had to take control of Sarah once the intro cutscene ended, but they all adjusted quite well, making it through the Cordyceps-infested town and its chaos during the game's beginning.

"She goes to sleep with her eye lashes on, that's a typical teenager," said one of the elderly folks about Sarah. "He has a nice voice," another said about Joel.

The elder players start off with Sarah and react to her giving her dad a watch for his birthday. Then, they control Sarah and navigate Joel's home to find that he's gone. As more and more hints start coming, suggesting there's something very wrong happening with the world, many of them pick up on the plot right away. It's hilarious to hear one of the ladies perfectly call out that it's some kind of infectious brain disease causing an end-of-the-world apocalyptic scenario with zombies before getting far into the intro. Of course, each one had a different reaction to Sarah's death. One became distraught, one turned sad, one didn't care, one said "this is sick" and another one said "this is really horrifying!" Many of them realized how emotionally gripping games can become. They're lucky they didn't meet Bill.

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