The Fine Bros. hand over the controls of Grand Theft Auto 5 to a handful of elders. The results are pretty amazing.

We've seen teens react to classic games and horrifying experiences with PT, but now we get to see how a group of our elders react to a romp in Grand Theft Auto 5 as Michael. All participants were given 30 minutes to play and no other information except for the basic controls.

Most of the elders took a few minutes to get used to controlling Michael and navigated him through his house, remarking at his manly gait and beautiful decor. When it came time to drive a vehicle, they found things a bit more difficult and ended up crashing into gates, peeling out in place or even accidentally dropping a grenade, resulting in an exploded car and "wasted" Michael.

They end up checking out the rest of the city, obeying traffic laws, accidentally killing innocent civilians, riding roller coasters and having standoffs with the cops. Their verdict? Well, you'll have to watch the video to see what they thought of all that Los Santos has to offer.