To no surprise, one of best pick up and play games of the mid-1990s can still be enjoyed, even by those who weren't even fetuses at the time.

REACT posted its latest 'Teens React' video, and this time the Stridex and braces squad get to play Mario Kart 64. Mind you, Mario Kart came out on the Nintendo 64 over 18 years ago, and these kids definitely weren't around back then. Obviously, some of these teenagers encountered the latter entries of the Mario Kart series, such as the ones for the Nintendo DS, GameCube, 3DS and Wii U. A couple of the teens actually played Mario Kart 64. The group then did a tournament to see who was the best at Mario Kart 64. Hearing youngsters complain about the gaming standards of old and make fun of those who are slightly younger than they are made us roll our eyes, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

They really need to put an Atari 2600 in front of these kids.

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