What a lovely day for a Mario Kart race as the Mushroom Kingdom collides with Mad Max: Fury Road in an awesome mash-up.

YouTuber sundbergkr has posted a hilarious crossover video that takes the trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road and gives it a Super Mario-themed remix. The trailer is left unchanged for the most part, except for a few instances where sundbergkr added in some sound effects and visuals from the Mario Kart series. It's awesome seeing Immortan Joe's rolling armada shoot fireworks in the sky as the sounds from Lakitu's racelight can be heard, synchronized with the fireworks' explosions.

Add in some item blocks and a few clouds with big eyes, and everything is starting to feel very Mushroom Kingdom-like. Nux had his skinned changed yellow to make him more like a Koopa Troopa, and Immortan Joe has Bowser's laugh from Super Mario 64 included. Max's jacket was colored red to remind us of Mario, but it isn't until the vehicular combat starts when things start to really feel like Mario Kart. Joe's forces can be seen with Koopa Shells and other items in tow. If you look close, you can see the cars duking it out on what appears to be Rainbow Road. Of course, nothing beats that opening scene from Fury Road where Max's car gets taken out by a Blue Shell. Just make sure you keep an eye out for that behemoth-sized Bullet Bill.

As we all hoped, you can hear Charles Martinet's unforgettable voice acting during some of our favorite parts of the video.

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