Nintendo has released two trailers to get us hyped for the release of Mario Kart 8's upcoming Animal Crossing DLC, which includes eight new tracks and three new racers.

These two new trailers showcase the new drivers and tracks we'll get to play in Nintendo's 'Mario Kart 8 X Animal Crossing' DLC for its latest Mushroom Kingdom racing game. Nintendo has revealed which retro tracks are returning from previous games and what brand new tracks we're getting. The one we're most hyped about is the Animal Crossing-themed track, which is going to vary based on the weather of the level.

In terms of retro tracks, Ribbon Road and Cheese Land are returning from Mario Kart: Super Circuit on the Game Boy Advance. Koopa City is back from Mario Kart DS and Baby Park returns from the GameCube's Mario Kart: Double Dash. Brand new tracks include Big Blue (an F-Zero-themed track), Wild Woods, Super Bell Subway and the Animal Crossing course.

New characters being added include the Villager and Isabelle from Animal Crossing, as well as Dry Bones Bowser. The City Tripper, Streetle, P-Wing and Bone Rattler vehicles will be making their debuts as well.

The 'Mario Kart 8 X Animal Crossing' DLC launches on April 23. On that day, a free update will launch for Mario Kart 8 that will add the new 200cc speed and an update to the number of supported amiibo figures, resulting in more Mii racer outfits. We hope there's a Yarn Yoshi outfit in the future.

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