Apparently, someone thought it would be a great idea to make teens play the game that makes grown men scream like little girls -- Outlast.

The React Channel never fails to amuse us and this week, it has a new video out that may just border on child abuse -- OUTLAST: PART 5 (Teens React: Gaming). If you know the game Outlast, then you know it's about some idiot news reporter that goes into an old hospital and decides that his Saturday night would be best spent trying to fight some psycho Frankenstein-esque experiments with only a handheld camera on his side. But you know, hand held cameras are scary so why not.

In this video, you can see teens playing the game way past the part where my brain said NOPE and uninstalled. The teens actually stay relatively calm throughout the whole ordeal, which is hugely impressive. The video also features some of their funnier quips throughout the game and is a definite must watch.

You can check out the video above and catch Outlast out now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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