Giant Sparrow, the developers behind the brilliantly creative The Unfinished Swan, are hard at work on a new title exclusively for Sony. It may be called Edith Finch. Sparrow. Finch. Swan. They must have a thing for birds.

Giant Sparrow are not ones to rush games and since The Unfinished Swan took three years to complete, you'd be right to assume that their new title isn't right around the corner. Since the studio is under a three game contract with Sony, it is safe to assume that Edith Finch will more than likely be for the PlayStation 4.

That being said, the title might be up for a change since the Giant Sparrow blog only refers to the new game as "Unannounced Giant Sparrow Project." Edith Finch comes from the title of the concept art file that was included on the blog post.

Whatever the title may be, we can assume that it will have some intriguing gameplay and ideas just like The Unfinished Swan. In the blog post, Giant Sparrow mentions that they're also looking to hire some talented individuals to help with the new game. If you think you have the skills, check out the post and apply.

We can't wait to discover more about their new game. We're suspecting it may involve another bird and a unique discovery mechanic, but that's just a guess.

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