Huge news about Smash Bros. was revealed at E3 2013. Three new characters would be joining the fight, including the Animal Crossing Villager, the Wii Fit Trainer, and a new third party entrant, Mega Man. While the game was, sadly, not playable on the show floor, there were a number of guided demos showing off what these three characters can do, and several trailers showing off their many moves. Here’s what we have gathered so far.

The Animal Crossing Villager is one of those characters, like Mr. Game and Watch, that sort of just goes about his normal business and somehow ends up hurting people because of it. His smashes involve every day activities like cutting down trees or dropping bowling balls. His A button attacks are very much the same, as he trips with pots, delivers letters, and essentially does everything else Animal Crossing villagers do, just in attack form. His B attacks include the shovel, which can pit enemies much like Donkey Kong’s Side-B, a net, which appears to be some sort of grapple, and the ability to actually catch projectiles and put them in his pocket. His Up+B recovery move has not yet been revealed.

The Wii Fit trainer is a bit more violent. It’s clear that she is trying to attack you… with fitness! All of her attacks are the yoga stretches and exercises from Wii fit. Forgive me, because I don’t do Yoga and don’t know the names of these poses, but they all seem to be quite deadly. Her forward smash is a forward stretch with her hands to both sides, and it actually hits both sides of her. That makes her one of the only characters with a double sided forward smash in the game! Her up air is that stretch where you lie on your back and put your arms and legs above your head, giving her a small hurtbox and a huge hit-box. Her B’s are all based on mini-games in Wii Fit, like the hula hoop game which causes her to rise into the air for some reason as her Up+B. The general reaction from the crowd was, she may be one of the best characters in the game if the game hasn’t changed much from Brawl, and that’s hilarious!

Finally, we have the character you are most excited about, Mega Man. Luckily, Mega Man has also had most of his move-list revealed. His A, B, and Smash attacks are almost entirely made up of weapons from classic Mega Man games. To start, his running A is the slide. His neutral A (I think), is the Mega Buster, which can be charged to deliver bigger shots. His Up+B is the Rush Coil which he can spring off of to recover from a hard hit.

Finally, his up smash appears to be a Shoryuken, a throwback to Capcom’s Street Fighter series. From there, things get interesting. His down, back, and forward air attacks are the Hard Knuckle, Slash Claw, and Flame Sword respectively. His down smash is the Flame Blast and his up smash is the Spark Shock. He also has access to a number of weapon themed B moves including the down+B Leaf Shield, the neutral+B Metal Cutter, and the forward+B Crash Bomb.

All three of these characters look absolutely amazing and it's just the start of the new roster we will eventually see in the latest Super Smash Bros. installments. We will bring you more information on the Wii U and 3DS Super Smash Bros. when it becomes available.