E3 2013

E3Port Card: Nintendo E3 2013 Direct
Today is our final installment, and Nintendo’s E3 2013 Direct is in our sights. Nintendo chose a different route for its E3 presentation last year, but did a difference in presentation make for a more accurate E3? Let’s find out!
E3Port Card: Sony E3 2013 Media Briefing
Today it’s time to talk Sony, who really wowed the crowd last year with an impressive lineup of upcoming games and some fantastic gauntlet-dropping at the end. We’ll never forget that last moment, but did the rest of the conference perform as well? Let’s take a look!
E3Port Card: EA E3 2013 Media Briefing
Now we move to EA, who had a pretty decent showing last year with a lot of new and unexpected titles. Were they able to make good on their promises, or are we still waiting for the best parts to come true?
E3 2013 Preview: New Smash Bros. Characters
Huge news about Smash Bros. was revealed at E3 2013. Three new characters would be joining the fight, including the Animal Crossing Villager, the Wii Fit Trainer, and a new third party entrant, Mega Man. While the game was, sadly, not playable on the show floor, there were a number of guided demos s…
Nintendon't Do E3
In another financial report from Nintendo, new CEO of Nintendo America Satoru Iwata discussed the company's plans for E3 2013 and beyond. Instead of facing off against Microsoft and Sony with bigger and badder press conferences, Nintendo will dial back the hype.