Although many gamers grew up loving board games such as HeroQuest and Descent, life in the fast lane has its merits. The dungeon crawler Dungeon Dashers is trying to take the inspiration behind turn based games and speed up the pace.

In an interview with Polygon, co-creator Andrew Sum talked about his intent behind the still in development Dungeon Crawlers, which was recently shown at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

"I used to play a lot of Descent with my friends, and it's four players moving miniatures around in a dungeon and it takes a long time to set up and a long time to play," said Sum. "It takes about six hours to play sometimes. So I just wanted to take that experience and bring it to a computer and speed it up."

One of the methods of expediency centers on how players battle enemies. Instead of selecting an enemy and a method of attack, gamers simply click on the enemy to fight.

The enemy is managed by the A.I., leading to four players controlling one hero each. "I think the idea that you can get together with your friends online and not having to set up the board and just jumping into a level actually translated quite well."

Dungeon Dashers heads to PC this summer, but gamers who want to check out a rough version can purchase the title for $10. Loyal supporters who buy the game will also receive future updates.