Dropchord, Double FIne Studio's newest musical maniacal creation, will be coming out this year on Mac, PC, and iOS with support for the Leap Motion Controller.

What is the Leap Motion Controller you might ask? It's a cigarette lighter sized module you set in front of your computer that allows you to manipulate things in your computer through motions and gestures. It will be the perfect complement to a high octane music game.

From early screenshots, it looks like Dropchord is going to drop the bass harder than Skrillex. If you're going to SXSW in Austin, TX, you might be able wrap your ears and eyes around a glimpse of the game. Double Fine will also be bringing a playable version of the game to PAX East this month.

When it is released later this year, it'll be first available on the Leap Motion Airspace store, whatever that is. The Leap Motion Controller ships in May in case you want to get your hands warmed up before diving into Double Fine's cavalcade of mesmerizing music in Downchord.