Developer Mass Creation has announced a brand new vita title: Draw Slasher. The game is a lot like Fruit Ninja except you are controlling an actual Ninja and you are chopping up bodies instead of fruit!

OK, so the game is a little more complicated than that. You do control an actual on screen avatar, but you control him completely via the Vita’s touch screen. Drawing lines makes him jump, dash, dodge, and most importantly slash through bad guys. Drawing specific designs or pinching the screen allow you to use special Ninjutsu techniques on your enemies.

According to Eurogamer, the game will have Arcade, Survival, and Gatekeeper modes, which mirror Fruit Ninja’s selection of modes pretty closely, though it will also have a Story mode complete with full stages to run through and bosses to overcome. The game will also have a selection of “hardcore challenges” and mini-games to choose from as well.

Draw Slasher will release on April 23rd in the US and April 24th in Europe.