The prequel to the first Drakengard game, Drakengard 3, now has a new trailer featuring the English voice cast, a whole lot of kick-ass gameplay footage and a U.S. release date.

The trailer is a little over three minutes long and stars the protagonist, Zero, and her dragon guardian, Mikhail. Together they cut through hordes of enemies in an action-roleplaying game-styled hack-and-slash adventure. You'll see bits of the game's lore as well as many of its characters and locations in the trailer, so be prepared to be transported to another world.

A post on the PlayStation Blog revealed Drakengard 3 will be released on May 24 for $49.99 on the PlayStation 3. If you pre-order before March 4, you'll get access to three bonus items. The first bonus item to be revealed is a downloadable content pack that allows you to switch to the Japanese voice overs. The second and third items will be unlocked on March 4 and April 9 respectively.

What's more is that there is a Collector's Edition on the way as well. This thing will sell for $79.99 and will be exclusive to the Square Enix Online Store. You'll get a prequel novella, a soundtrack and a full DLC stage featuring Zero's sister, One. You'll also get Caim's costume and a Giant Baby Hat for your dragon. Because why not? Only 5,000 of these Collector's Editions will be produced, so hop on the pre-order if you really want it.

Drakengard 3 CE
Square Enix

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