Word came in from Atlus (via Destructoid) today that Vanillaware's beautiful new 2D side-scrolling beat-em-up, Dragon's Crown, will be getting a localized U.S. release.

While Atlus could not give an official release date, instead quoting only a vague August release window, they were able to give an official price instead. The PS3 version will retail for $49.99 while the PS Vita version will sell for 10 dollars cheaper. The game will drop on Japanese store shelves on July 25th.

Though the game is coming out for both the PS3 and Vita, the two versions won’t support Cross Play, though they will support Cross Save functionality. The game is co-operative, supporting up to four players simultaneously and will support online play. Destructoid has revealed some features of the game's online suit, including the ability to match up your character with other characters of similar levels so as to keep the game even and balanced.

Destructoid also revealed a couple new tidbits about the rest of the game's mechanics as well. Each character will have it's own unique skill tree, for example, and the skill trees themselves branch off into many different paths allowing for even further character customization. In addition, an NPC thief called Rannie will follow your character's around at times to pick locks and reveal hidden passageways.

Finally, Siliconera has posted a run-down of each characters playstyle. While their descriptions aren't very detailed, it does give you a general idea of what each character can do. You can read the rundown below.

  • The Fighter, who uses his armor and quick-hitting attacks to tank and destroy enemies
  • The Dwarf, who specializes in getting up close and personal with grapple attacks
  • The Amazon, who moves quickly and wields a giant axe to unleash massive damage
  • The Wizard, who blasts fire at single targets or in pillars to incinerate foes
  • The Elf, who uses her bow and agility to launch devastating volleys and escape danger
  • The Sorceress, who uses ice magic and summoned skeletons to control the battlefield