The International, the biggest DOTA 2 tournament in the world, just awarded over $10 million distributed to its top seven winners.

According to VG247, the Chinese DOTA 2 team, Newbee, has won $5,028,308 by taking first place in the DOTA 2 eSports tournament. Another $5 million was distributed among the runners-up. Valve was able to raise over $10 million for The International's prize pool by selling The Compendium, which would allow buyers to have access to the DOTA 2 fantasy leagues and have access to the live-streams of matches. There would also be prize awards to those who successfully predicted the winners of each match correctly.

It should be noted that the third place team, Evil Geniuses, is the same gaming crew of Justin Wong, who is arguably one of the best fighting game players in the United States and first place winner of Evo 2014's Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament.

Here is a breakdown of the top seven players and how over $10 million in prize money was distributed to them:

1st: $5,028,308 (Newbee)
2nd: $1,475,699 (Vici Gaming)
3rd: $1,038,455 (Evil Geniuses)
4th: $819,833 (DK)
5th: $655,866 (Cloud 9)
6th: $655,866 (LGD Gaming)
7th: $519,227 (Invictus Gaming)
7th: $519,227 (Natus Vincere)

We have also included the grand finals match of The Invitational for those who would like to watch.