When we last reported on the 2014 DOTA 2 world Championship, “The International,” Valve had raised over $2.8 million for the prize pool with their auctions of The Compendium, eclipsing last year’s total in a single day. Today, only seven weeks later, Valve has announced that the prize pool has risen to over $10 million.

Owners of The Compendium have access to DOTA 2 fantasy leagues, allowing players to watch exclusive live-streamed matches and predict winners, with rewards available for those who pick correctly. Each Compendium package costs $9.99, with $2.50 of each purchase going toward the prize pool, meaning over four million Compendiums have been sold to hardcore DOTA players, so far.

All 22 stretch goals for the campaign have been reached, so Compendium owners will have access to extra content and services, like a live-streamed after-party broadcast and a victory prediction taunt that allows players to perform a voice taunt early in the game. Compendium owners can level up their Compendiums by participating in fantasy leagues and watching and voting on matches to unlock special abilities and exclusive in-game effects like immortal treasures and new load screens.