Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Dark Cosplay
There's something about succubi that always gets us falling under their spells over and over again. Today we're featuring another amazing version of everyone's favorite Darkstalker, Morrigan Aensland.
Dark Cosplay
We appreciate it when cosplayers don outfits inspired by famous characters, but we love it even more they wear custom outfits. Today we have a cool take on Dark Phoenix from Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
X-23 Cosplay!
We always love it when we find a great cosplay of a character that's crossed over many different mediums. Today, we take a look at X-23, who was born as a television character, made the jump to comics, and then video games.
Street Fighter Showdown! Ryu vs. Ken!
Snake versus mongoose. Chocolate versus peanut butter. Ryu versus Ken. Such rivalries have existed since the dawn of time, and while the first two are outside of our area of expertise, the friendly competition between fierce-eyed Ryu Hoshi and blonde-haired Ken Masters is one we can safely pick a wi…