Hey look! It's the Internet's favorite weird brown fang monster thing. You might remember it from the early aughts, when a picture of two of them chasing a kitten circulated everywhere. Fast forward a decade and little Domo-Kun is starring in his own iOS game - Domo The Journey! Sounds about right to us.

The new game, which is scheduled to hit the App Store in early February 2013, comes from developer Horse Feathers and Playlithium. In it, you step into the small, brown shoes of Domo-Kun and presumably, chase kittens around.

The gameplay will be that of a side-scrolling platform adventure game where Domo is going on a mission to rescue his best friend Tashanna, who was kidnapped by someone called Hungry Bear. Guess that's what this whole "Journey" thing is all about.

Like all good platformers, Domo will have plenty of jumps, avoiding of gaps, and battling of enemies using tight, and we imagine somewhat difficult, D-pad controls. While playing, you will see Domo dodging things like saws, riding in mine carts Donkey Kong Country style and climbing the freezing Alps Scrooge McDuck style. As you go along, Domo can collect baseballs that will give him power ups to help him in his journey.

Check out the teaser video below to see more: