CJ GameLab has just pushed out a brand new update for its free-to-play FPS, District 187: Sin Streets. What does this update bring us? Female characters. Guess that CJ simply didn’t think girls were into shooting each other up on the streets of a dirty city.

The first two female characters of the game are called Emilia and Bridget, according to Destructoid. They come with special abilities that increase their XP and gold earned and reduce their reload time with pretty much every weapon. Why do females get these bonuses? Who knows? Power of charisma maybe?

In addition to the new female characters, this new update introduces a new transit hub themed map called Metro, and several new weapon including the PSD XR-Gold-Fully Modedsniper rifle, the Lizard M3TC shotgun and the DE Crane-Gold pistol. Female characters also get access to an exclusive grenade called the “Heart Grenade” which is just a normal grenade in the shape of a heart.

Long story short, District 187 isn’t the worst game to handle the portrayal of women in our medium … but that’s not saying much.