Princess Merida from 'Brave' is the next character to whose appearance is teased for Disney Infinity 2.0. It's time to change your feet! Er, we mean fate!

A tweet from the official Disney Infinity handle features a graphic similar to the Maleficent tease, except instead of a silhouette, we can clearly see most of Princess Merida and her brandished bow.

It appears as if she'll be joining the Disney Infinity 2.0 stable, which includes the Marvel characters expansion. Maybe she and Hawkeye can become archery buddies? Other than Princess Merida, there's no indication that any of the other characters from 'Brave' will show up in the game as playable characters/figures, though we'd love for there to be a big, hulking figure of King Fergus with his fake leg.

We'll have to wait a little longer until Disney 2.0 launches, but at least we can look forward to some more character teases. Here's to hoping they'll tease Princess Eilonwy from 'The Black Cauldron,' for all of the Disney hipsters in us.